Air Conditioning Installation in Columbus, Westerville, Gahanna, OH and Surrounding Areas

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Air Conditioning Installation

Is it time for a new air conditioner? Give us a call. We will help you select a unit that is the right size for your home, make sure it meets your energy efficiency needs, and get it installed according to the manufacturer’s specifications. Our technicians have worked with units from all of the major brands, so we know what makes each air conditioner special and how to help you get the coolest air for the lowest price. | Air Conditioning Installation |

Are building your dream house? One very important aspect is home comfort. Service Olympians Heating, Cooling, & Plumbing has the solutions for all your cooling needs. We have a great selection of new air conditioning systems. We can find a unit that is sure to exceed all of your expectations.

We Install the Following Air Conditioning Products:

  • Air Conditioners
  • Heat Pumps
  • Ductless Split Systems
  • Geothermal

Is it Time for a New Air Conditioner?

Sometimes, it’s clear that you need a new air conditioning unit to keep your home or business cool and comfortable. Other times, though, it’s not as clear. Here are some signs that it may be time to get a new A/C.

  1. You are spending a lot on repairs. As air conditioners get older, you have to repair them more often. This can mean spending more on repairs than you would if you simply bought a new unit, especially when you take into account the fact that newer units tend to save you money on electricity, too. If you’re sick of repairing that old air conditioner, we’ll help you get a new one installed soon.
  2. Your A/C doesn’t blow cold air. If your unit isn’t cooling your home or business effectively, it’s time to consider a new one. After all, what is the point of paying electricity bills if you aren’t going to get a comfortable space in return. We can help you find an air conditioner that will keep you cool all year long and get you the most out of every dollar you spend on energy.
  3. Your air conditioner runs all the time. Ideally, your air conditioner should cool your home efficiently, then turn off until the space gets heated up again. If it doesn’t do this, and instead runs all the time, it’s time to consider a new unit. Usually, running all the time or turning off and on is a sign that the unit isn’t working well anymore. A new one can cool more effectively without making you pay for the constant drain on your power.
  4. Your unit is over 10 years old. While some air conditioners work well for longer than 10 years, most of them are running inefficiently by then, and many do not cool effectively at all by that point. If your unit is old, you should get it evaluated for efficiency and functionality. If it’s not working well, you can replace it with a newer unit that will do its job better.
  5. Your home isn’t cool. Even if your air conditioner is relatively new, if your home is hot then that unit isn’t doing its job. There’s not much point in paying electric bills, only to remain in a home that isn’t comfortable. Instead, get a unit that is the right size for your building and find out just how comfortable you can be. We’ll help make sure that your next air conditioner works well for all of your needs.

If you’d like to get a new air conditioner or you’d like a professional opinion on the one you have, give us a call today. We’ll send out an expert HVAC technician to look over your whole system. You’ll get an honest point of view on how your current air conditioner is doing, whether we can do anything to make it function better, and whether it would be worth your money to invest in a new unit. If you choose an air conditioning installation, we will get it done quickly and efficiently so you can be cool again. Contact us today!