Your Water Heater


Do you worry about running out of hot water in the middle of a nice, warm shower? Is your water not as hot as it should be? Most homeowners don’t know this, but you should get regular maintenance check-ups on your water heater, just like you get annual check-ups at the doctor’s office. Most standard tank water heaters are expected to last 6-10 years. Proper maintenance can add up to five more years to your water heater’s life expectancy. Fall is the best time to schedule maintenance on your water heater because as the ground gets colder in the winter months, so does the water flowing into your pipes. Get your standard water heater in tip-top shape before the cold ground water starts flowing.

When you schedule a water heater maintenance, here is what you can expect us to do:

  • Check for water leaks around fittings
  • Check for excessive or unusual corrosion
  • Check the temperature and pressure relief valve
  • Check the point of termination
  • Check the water shutoff valve
  • Check the wiring and electrical connections
  • Check for the expansion tank
  • Check the expansion tank to confirm it is holding air
  • Check for sediment
  • Check the flex hose, gas valve, and couplings for gas leaks
  • Check the flue piping
  • Check the gas shutoff valve
  • Check the draft
  • Check the filter
  • Check the insulation on pipes
  • Confirm the thermostat is at 120 degrees

If you are ready to schedule your water heater maintenance today or have more questions about why this is important, call us today. We are here to help.