Mike D.


Thursday — tepid shower. Hmmm…that’s weird.

Friday – cold shower. That’ll wake you up.

The water heater finally finished its race. I called up CBUS that morning around 9:00a. Spoke to Shelley (who is awesome and super friendly) and explained the situation. She said she would see what she could do and give me a call back. 10-15 minutes later and she did just that. As luck would have it, they had a 12-3p slot that day (!). Yes, please.

Lance showed up on the dot. Awesome. Super cool dude. We talked a while and you could tell this dude not only knew what he was doing, but actually cared about doing it well. It took him about an hour, solo, to replace the old tank. That is amazing.

Paid up, he was out the door. Hot water 30 minutes later. Success.

Awesome work, everyone at CBUS! You all have definitely made the short list.