Musty Odors


Excess moisture in your home can be obvious or not. Sometimes you might smell musty odors or see mold or mildew. Sometimes you might not notice it in that way at all. It might be that the excess moisture in your home is bothering a family members allergies and asthma. Whether it’s from air trapped in a bathroom or basement, condensation on windows or moisture that seeps up through your carpeting, mold is common in many households.

Did you know that insects are also drawn to places where moisture is high? Dust mites, a major allergy and asthma trigger thrive in environments where the relative humidity exceeds 50%.

Let’s not forget that too much humidity is also bad for your furnishings. High humidity can lead to warping and damaging wood floors and trim. It can also get trapped in carpeting, furniture and drapes and in extreme cases damage family heirlooms, like photos.

Does any of this sound familiar or are you concerned about mildew, mold or dust mites? If so, a whole house dehumidifier can help. Whole house dehumidifiers reduce growth of allergens like mildew, mold and dust mites by automatically removing the exact right moisture from every room throughout your house.

With a whole house dehumidifier you can gain control of your health, maintain home comfort, eliminate odors, protect your home and belongings, and improve energy efficiency.

If you are dealing with musty odors or allergy symptoms that just won’t go away, contact us today and we can get you comfortable again.