At Service Olympians, we are owned and managed by Mike Matheny, a professional with more than 25 years of experience in the industry. We are proud to be a Veteran and family owned and operated company, but we also know that much of our value lies in our wonderful employees. That’s why we work hard to invest in our fully trained staff to make sure that you are visited by only the best experts (techs) in the business!

Services We Provide

Heating. Need quick help with heating in the cold months? We provide heating services for new and used HVAC components or renovations, as well as furnace unit replacements when you are ready to upgrade. Our experts also specialize in repairs and maintenance to keep your heating units running properly — and if you need advice on the latest heating products, just let us know!

Air Conditioning. Need to stay cool? We provide AC installation and replacement for new air conditioners or air conditioner upgrades to cool down your home more efficiently. If something goes wrong with your system, we also offer AC repair, maintenance, and advice on the right AC products for your house.

Plumbing. Whether your pipes spring a leak or encounter a nasty clog, our professional plumbers are ready to find and solve the problem before it can cause serious damage. We also provide water heater replacement services, we specialize in tankless, heat-pump and high-efficiency water heaters.

Indoor Air Quality. Do you struggle with allergies, asthma, dry air, or just unwanted odors in your home? Indoor air quality is all about managing your home air with the right filters, humidifiers and air purifiers to ensure your air stays healthy. Upgrade with a U/V, Hepa and electronic system or just one.

Water Quality. Do you want soft, clean and delicious water? Install a softner, filter and reverse osmosis.

Not sure what you need help with? We also provide a total home service inspection that includes plumbing, AC, home automation, and much more!

Total Home Care Club Membership

Sign Up for Your Olympic Level of Membership

We provide three Olympic-level tiers of membership for ongoing maintenance, deals and more. Take a look at the benefits they offer, and contact us to learn more:

  • Bronze. Receive 5 percent off any new complete system that you purchase as well as any repairs made to your current system, along with access to coupons and free consultations for your home.
  • Silver. Receive a 10 percent discount on new systems and repairs throughout your home. Additionally, you can arrange two free tune-ups for your system per year, reduced charges for holiday or after hour work, and access to unique services such as a water heater flush to remove sediment or our whole home plumbing inspection.
  • Gold. In addition to bronze and silver benefits, our gold medal members receive a full 15 percent discount on repairs and replacements, as well a free media filter, and no repair charges on new systems.

Questions about our services? Give us a call today at Service Olympians to learn more or to sign up for one of our memberships!